Brianna Goff founded B-Town Vapes in early 2012 when B-Town Vapes was originally called Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes and started as a kiosk in the Rimrock Mall. At the time we were the FIRST ever vape shop to open in Billings Montana. In 2017 B-Town Vapes was bought out by Taylor Swarthout. With always a belief in standing behind customer service, the knowledge of the industry and the quality of the products Brianna passed her wonderful business onto some fine gentleman who would expand and make B-Town Vapes that local name that EVERYONE knew and loved. In September of 2019 we did just that.


We moved into our own location from 280sq ft to 1500 sqft and located at 1500 Broadwater Ave. Suite 4. August of 2020 during the Covid pandemic it was proven that B-Town Vapes was strong with it’s followers, loyal customer base and that hometown feel. Obviously there is other CHAIN vape stores in-town but why choose them when you have the best in the business?! August of 2020 we launched B-Town Vapes Heights located at 2018 Main St Unit #5 59105 as the heights didn’t have a vape shop and the shops that kept trying to open up there kept being unsuccessful and shady. B-Town Vapes stands for FAMILY, KNOWLEDGE, QUALITY.


The legacy of Diane Miller the Grandmother of Nicholas who is our CEO who passed away in 2005 from complications with COPD & Emphysema lives on. She shines her light, her witt and her honesty through the doors of B-Town Vapes. Diane Miller is just one of those who lost their battle because of smoking cigarettes instead of listening to the research that vaping is 95% safer alternative than smoking. We hope to see you in our stores as we look forward to giving you the best service in the industry. If you ever have any questions or issues please know we have an open door policy. 



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